Single Vessels

Whether you have a mega yacht, a commercial cargo ship, a workboat or cruiser we have a plan that works for you. To see what each feature offers, click on the link for further details.

Features basic package
silver package
gold package
Suported Number of Vessels 1 1 1
Suported Number of Tenders - 3 Unlimited
Suported Number of Users 1 3 Unlimited
Features Included      

Feature Icon
Cloud Based with Online and Offline Access

  • Offline Access is an optional feature. This feature allows you to run ManagemyVessel offline with no internet access required. Later the vessel can synchronize the offline version back to the Cloud / Web version always ensuring the offline version is always synchronized to the Online version
  • Offline version is not a stand alone product and must be synchronized back to the online version
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yes yes yes

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Total Mobile Access

  • Stay Connected even on the go.
  • Accessable Ipads / Tablets and almost any mobile device or phone.
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yes yes yes

Feature Icon

  • Store all documents in one Central and Secure Location for easy access
  • Documents can be related to Crew, Equipment and Inventory Supplies
  • Set alerts on Documents and get notified when a document is missing , about to expire , surveys are due.
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Tasks and Issues

  • Easily create tasks and assign them to specific people , set priorities and dates due
  • Easily review and manage tasks for specific time periods
  • Ability to Create Recurring Tasks and link tasks to Procedures , Drills , Equipment
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Feature Icon

  • Comprehensive Equipment list onboard the vessel
  • Quickly access all related Tasks and Issues , Planned Maintenance , Vendor Jobs , Inventory Supplies and Documents for any equipment item
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Scheduled Maintenance

  • Create Planned Scheduled maintenance tasks according to manufacturer's recommendations on any equipment
  • Ensure no maintenance is ever missed and performed on time
  • Keep History of all maintenance in progress , due , past due and completed
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Vendor Jobs

  • Keep complete control of all work performed on the vessel by outside Vendors or Yard
  • Easily Attach Invoices and Estimates to the Job
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Feature Icon
Contacts and Vendors

  • Keep all your contacts and Vendors centrally managed in one place
  • Quickly see all Tasks, Vendor Jobs , Equipment and Supplies related to a contact
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Feature Icon

  • Keep tight control over Inventory and Supplies onboard the vessel
  • Create Purchase Orders and track inventory quantities in real time
  • Link Inventory Items to Equipment for tighter control
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Feature Icon

  • Keep detailed information on all crew members including employment information and medical and emergency contacts
  • Easily access any related Crew Document from the Document library
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no yes yes

Feature Icon

  • Ability to implement ISM and SMS procedures in a simple and effective manner
  • Complete ISM Management including Safety Management Manual , ISM Document Control , Critical and Safety Equipment , Planned Maintenance Scheduling , Electronic Forms and Checklists , Drills and Procedure scheduling , Audit Reporting
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Fleet Management

  • Fleet Home Page is used to access and control and administer a fleet of vessels.
  • New Vessels can be added to the fleet as well as control of all centralized management functions such as
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Monthly Cost      
Monthly cost per foot $1.00 $1.25 $2.00
Offline Monthly Cost      
Offline A - Single PC - cost per foot $0.50 $0.50 $0.50
Offline B - Multiple PC - cost per foot $1.00 $1.00 $1.00

Please see below for the additional cost for the Offline Access.

Offline Access

The Offline Access is an optional feature. The Offline Access enables you to run the application locally within a PC or within the yacht onboard network (accessible through multiple devices).

Option A - Single PC [1] yes
Allows one Computer to run Managemyvessel in offline mode without internet access
One Time License Fee
Remote Installation Cost $150.00
Offline Monthly Cost per Foot $0.50
Option B - Multiple PC's[1][2] yes
Allows multiple PC's connected to a LAN to all run Managemyvessel in offline mode. One of these PC's will then be set to synchronize the offline version back to the Cloud.
One Time License Fee
Remote Installation Cost $250.00
Offline Monthly Cost per Foot $1.00

[1] Minimum Requirements / [Recommended Requirements]
The Remote installation fee is for a Manage My Vessel technician to log in remotely to and install the offline version

Processor1 gigahertz (GHz) Pentium D (or equivalent/faster) [Recommended: 2 gigahertz (GHz) Dual Core (or equivalent/faster)]
Memory16 gigabyte (GB) RAM
Hard Drive Space10 gigabytes (GB)
Operating SystemWindows 7 or later (Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate or Enterprise), or Windows Server 2008 R2.
Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0 or later must be installed.

[2] Requires a wired or wireless LAN