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About Us

The Developers

Our developers are a well rounded team with comprehensive programming and technical expertise. Our development team consists of a professional captain, a yacht owner and technical programmers that ensure a well developed feature rich and user friendly application.

The Support Team

Our support team is well trained and experienced in the yachting community. This dedicated team will be available to provide all levels of support from smaller yachts to larger vessels. Our support team consists of industry professionals like captains and engineers as well as Technical software developers.

The Technology used

We have developed our application using the latest and most up to date Technology. We, unlike some of our competitors, developed the system from the start to finish as a Web based solution with the ability to also use our Offline Local Mode requiring no internet access. Our system is written on secure SQL Backend servers using HTML5 to develop our application code , this has allowed us to develop an extremely user friendly feature rich application and exclusively for the yachting industry.
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