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Free 30 day Trial

No obligation, no contracts to sign up and try it absolutely free.

User Friendly Interface

The Menu system allows user to easily navigate throughout the program to find and add information quickly. The simplified Vessel and Yacht Management system includes all aspects of managing and maintaining your yacht including the Crew, Documents, Equipment and Inventory, Contacts and Vendors, Tasks and Issues, Vendor Jobs, Scheduled Maintenance and much more.

Web based

An online solution allowing 24/7 access from anywhere there is an internet connection. There are no special hardware or software requirements, our Yacht Management system runs in any web browser on any PC or Mac.

In addition our HTML5 version will run on any mobile device including Ipads and Andriod tablets

Local Offline Mode

Local Offline Mode provides additional advantages for those yachts that require continued use of the system with no or limited internet connection. The offline mode allows users on their local PC full access to all information and all documents while offline. When using the Local Offline mode, a simple click of a button synchronizes your data back to the Web. Multiple users working on either the Local PC or online mode have the ability to synchronize both ways, guaranteeing all information will be updated and stored.

Integrated Data

Data is shared amongst all modules allowing user instant access to related information. For example, when a user views an Equipment item, the related information such as Tasks and Issues, Vendor Jobs, Supplies and Spares and Documents are shown for the particular equipment item.

Built in Workflows

The powerful feature of Intuitive design with built in workflow logic ensures that common complex Yachting maintenance and other procedures are simplified. For example, when a Vendor Job is marked as completed, the system will verify that all tasks for that job are marked as complete and notify the user if the job has any incomplete tasks.

Developed and Tested by experienced captains is created specifically for the Yachting Industry.

Multiple Users/ Vessels Capability

Our Yacht management system allows for multiple users. As the System administrator, captains can manage multiple crew members as well as have the ability to manage multiple vessels.

Excellent Customer Support

Our knowledgeable staff is available to set you up and get you running quickly. Customer support staff is available for all support needs.

Free Upgrades

We provide continual upgrades at no cost to the customer with added features and modules. Web based solution allows us to constantly update our software with no need to update or install new software. Even yachts taking advantage of our Local Offline Solution will enjoy the same hassle free updates and upgrades.

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