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Cloud Based with Online and Offline AccessCloud Based with Online and Offline Access

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Storing your Data in the Cloud Advantages

With you can instantly access all your vessels information and documents online with your secure username and password

  • All data is stored on secure servers. The Data is safe, secure and easily accessible
  • Data is backed up automatically, and no technical expertise is required
  • Web based, go online and access your vessels information from anywhere
  • No special Hardware required
  • Automatic Software updates
  • Data is backed up daily to off premise backups at different locations for added protection
  • Data is synchronized to backup servers so that in the unlikely event of a server failure we can switch over to our backup servers instantly ensuring 24/7 online access
  • Data is transmitted securely using SSL technology and can only be accessed via with the correct username and password

Cloud convenience and security together with Offline Local Yacht Access

Our offline local mode gives the yacht the capability to continue using all features of the application without the need for an internet connection. This is important feature for all yachts as internet access is often limited, slow or extremely expensive while at sea or away from the home port. Our seamless offline local mode also ensures that users have instant access to all documents and information at all times

  • Offline access will allow the Vessel to run the application locally within the yachts onboard network or Computer in EXACTLY the same manner as if the yacht were online. In fact , even if the yacht is online, with the offline option, the Yacht will still be able to work in Local mode (offline) eliminating the need for internet access or bandwidth fees.
  • At any time, the yacht can synchronize data back to the Servers. This two way synchronization ensures that Data is kept up to date.
  • By synchronizing the yacht to our Web Based system, all the yachts information will be stored on our secure servers, ensuring the system retains all the main benefits of a Web based solution.
  • When running the application onboard the yacht in Local Mode, users will be storing and accessing information locally on the yachts computer. This will allow the following advantages
  • The application will be much faster and require no internet access as the data and application will be stored locally
  • The application can be accessed from any PC within the yachts local network
  • The application will function exactly as if it were online with the same user interface
  • The yacht can synchronize data to the Web Server when convenient to ensure that all information remains current
  • Users outside of the yachts network can continue working online even when the Yacht is offline. Once the Yacht Synchronizes the Data, both the Online Web Version and the Yachts Local version will be updated with all current information
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