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Safety Management Systems and International Safety Management are important aspects in maintaining yachts up to date in meeting yacht standards and safety codes. Our comprehensive ISM / SMS module allows the captain and Management Company to be pro-active and makes ISM compliance easy, simple and effective by allowing the captain to implement SMS systems in a simple and effective manner.

  • Complete ISM Management including Safety Management Manual , ISM Document Control , Critical and Safety Equipment , Planned Maintenance Scheduling , Electronic Forms and Checklists , Drills and Procedure scheduling , Audit Reporting
  • ISM Integrates closely with Tasks and Issues allowing any task to be flagged as ISM related task as follows
    • Critical Equipment / Safety Item task
    • Planned Maintenance Schedule Tasks
    • Drill or Procedure Task
    • Electronic Form or Checklist Requires Completion Task
    • Corrective Action Task
  • Ability to Access and print any part of the Vessels Safety Management Manual
  • Ability to complete Electronic forms and checklists on a Windows 7 Pad Mobile Device eliminating the need for printed paperwork and scanned documents
  • Integrated to the Fleet module where required for Management Companies
  • Ability to search the system for ISM related data only such as
    • Critical Equipment
    • ISM Related Tasks
    • ISM Procedures and Drills
    • ISM Electronic Forms and Checklists
    • Corrective Actions
  • Documents can be marked as Controlled ISM documents which will add additional controls such as ensuring that the document change has been reviewed and acknowledged by required crew members.
  • Receive Alerts and Email notifications for any Changes to ISM Controlled Documents
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