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Task and IssuesTask and Issues

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  • Easily review and manage tasks for specific time periods
  • Easily create tasks and assign them to specific people , set priorities and dates due
  • Tasks can be created as a single task or Recurring task and be assigned to any user
  • Ability to Create Recurring Tasks and link tasks to Procedures , Drills , Equipment
  • Tasks are always shown for a specific time period, making it easy to narrow down the tasks you need to work with
  • All Tasks Views can be searched , filtered and grouped by the user as needed for easy viewing and reporting
  • Fields like Tasks ├é┬áStatus, Priority, Category and Assigned To can be used to group , filter or sort the list making it easy to view and report your data the way you want.

Tasks can be reviewed in Calendar View or List View Formats

  • Calendar View - View all tasks in a Calendar Format Calendar View allows a user to view tasks in a calendar format by month or Day. The timeline View shows you all tasks for a specific period or day, making it easy to click onto any calendar day and review tasks for that period.
  • List View - View all tasks in a List format
  • This allows the user to view all tasks in a list format for a specific period of time.
    Drag and drop ability to group, sort and filter data instantly by the user makes for easy viewing and reporting

Recurring Tasks

Recurring Tasks allows the tasks to be created on any kind of recurrence pattern.
When a recurring task becomes due , the task will automatically appear on the Task List or Calendar list.
Once a recurring task is created the user no longer needs to remember when the task will be due as it will automatically appear on the task lists and reminders.

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