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Who We Are

The concept is simple. We provide an intuitive Web based vessel management solution to organize all aspects of your yacht or vessel. Once a user creates an online account with, they will have one place to organize and store everything relating to the specific yacht or vessel.

This includes the ability to:

  • Store yacht related documents such as invoices, licenses and registration, user manuals, crew documents, service repairs and more.
  • Create and manage recurring maintenance schedules and tasks based on dates or hour preferences
  • Organize all Contacts and Companies relating to your vessel
  • Maintain and manage the yacht equipment and inventory lists
  • Plan and track all yacht related expenses, Jobs performed on the vessel with all related documents such as estimates and invoices.
  • Store all crew personal information together with all related documents such as personal ID's, passports, certificates, licenses, visas.
  • Plan all day to day service and maintenance with the ability to assign users tasks.
  • Keep track of Issues and to do's with the simple and complete history of every task ever performed on the vessel linked to any equipment related to that task.
  • Manage and Update all requirements to for ISM / SMS ( Where required )
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